Red Rooms : A Murder Legend For The Modern Age Essay

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Red Rooms: A Murder Legend For the Modern Age "Red Rooms" are purportedly secret underground websites where people can watch the live murder of a captured victim. Although Red Rooms tales are a fairly recent trend, first widely appearing in 2014 and largely picking up interest in 2015 (Figure C) they can be seen as the evolution of prior murder myths and speak to societal fears both contemporary and old. Red Rooms are supposedly found on an underground segment of the internet referred to as the "dark web". The dark web itself is a real entity, and can only be accessed through a special browser called the Tor browser (Roy, "Everything"). The dark web differs from the regular internet in that while the regular internet, or "clear web" can be searched easily with services such as Google, websites on the dark web can only be accessed if someone has the site 's web address. Unlike "clear web" sites, which have simple addresses such as "" or "", the addresses for dark web sites are an incomprehensible jumble of letters and numbers (Roy, "Everything"). The only way to obtain a dark web address to be given the address by someone who wishes to distribute it, which gives dark web sites a sense of exclusivity and secrecy. In many versions of the Red Room story, access to the Red Room is purchased with a currency called "Bitcoin" ("Are Deep Web"). Bitcoin is a real currency, and while the technical details of the Bitcoin currency are rather complex, it is worth

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