Red Scarf Girl Analysis

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What would happen if defying the government could result in death? In the memoir Red Scarf Girl, Ji-li describes how everybody had dutifully followed Chairman Mao and took action in helping the Communist Party. On the other hand, others flouted the Party. During the events of the Cultural Revolution, Ji-li Jiang has self-conflicts about her true beliefs. Ji-li once believed in the kindness of the Communist Party and had confidence that the Cultural Revolution would benefit the fate of China. However, Ji-li’s beliefs soon change from following the footsteps of Chairman Mao to going against the Cultural Revolution for the sake of others.

Ji-li, similar to the rest of the world, believed in the kindness of the Communist Party. She believed that it would summon everlasting peace in the world. In fact, Ji-li was one of many proud supporters. "'Heaven and earth are great, but greater still is the kindness of the Communist Party; father and mother are dear, but dearer still is Chairman Mao.'" (p4) When Ji-li says this, it conveys that she was in agreement with the Party and considered Chairman Mao to be more cherished than her parents. Because of this, it also hints that she is more likely to take Chairman's Mao side and not her own parents' side.

As the story goes along, Ji-li is verbally attacked due to her class status in the Cultural Revolution. Ji-li begins to doubt the kindness of the Communist Party. “‘If he hadn’t been a landlord, none of this would have
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