Red Stone Project Essay

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------------------------------------------------- REDUCING RED STONE’S BUDGET AND SCHEDULING DEFICIENCIES REDUCING RED STONE’S BUDGET AND SCHEDULING DEFICIENCIES Prepared for The Red Stone Corporation Prepared by Andy Tran, Megan Manning Meghan Murray Salwa Nsier Wednesday 21st, November 2012 Executive Summary Manning & Company International commissioned this report to determine Red Stone Corporation's budget and schedule deficiencies. We have developed a survey as a method to perform a gap analysis and upon further analysis, provide recommendations to eliminate the deficiencies to give Red Stone a competitive advantage among their competitors. The gap analysis was performed to analyze the…show more content…
However, there are some processes and tools that should be consistently used by all project managers to meet schedule and budget requirements. Inconsistency has led to 30% of past projects being delivered past the due date and another 25% of projects have been over budget. An efficient and consistent project management methodology is essential to any project management-related organization. To maintain their position as an industry leader, Red Stone Corporation must be constantly self-improving by reducing the number of gaps in their methodology. Therefore, Red Stone executives have hired Manning & Company to perform a gap analysis to identify the number of gaps causing schedule and budget deficiencies and provide recommendations to increasing positive project results. Purpose, Scope, and Limitations The purpose of this report is to analyze the methods used by Red Stone’s project managers, recognize deficiencies and the causes, and provide recommendations and suggest ways to close gaps. Essentially, we hope to figure out where Red Stone is now and where they want to be. The deliverables will include: a survey analysis and the results, a binder including team information, the report, and a presentation regarding the solutions and recommendations. Therefore, Manning & Company will not be hiring nor firing any employees, implementing any sort of purchasing, and reorganization of company
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