Red Zinfandel Is An American Classic

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Red Zinfandel is an “American Classic” wine. Until recently, Zinfandels was marked as a "mystery grape" in California as the origin was unknown. Through the recent Ampelography studies, it has been discovered that the Zinfandel grape is genetically identical to Italy 's Primativo and to an ancient Croatian variety known as Crjenak Kastelanski. The zinfandel grapes actual origin is in Italy but is now primarily grown in California. Zinfandel grapes grow best in cool, coastal locations which California has a lot of. Differences in vine vigor and grape cluster size tend to separate the Croatian and Italian vines as it has Zinfandel flavor profiles are greatly affected by cultivation, terroir, and winemaking process. This has led Zinfandels in the America to develop its own independent history based on its particular flavor profile, name, history, and style. It is believed that the California Zinfandel probably originated in Croatia. On wine labels, U.S. regulations require that Zinfandel and Primitivo be identified separately.
The effects of terroir are tremendous with this varietal. I purchased a 6 bottle case from Turley Vineyards that were of the same vineyard, same vintage but from different blocks of the Pesenti Vineyard. Turley is highly known in the wine industry for their expertise with this varietal. The blocks varied based on location such as hill tops, valley, sun exposure, soil, etc. A tasting was arranged with a group of my wine aficionados to analyze
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