Red from Green

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Red from Green Growing up is a hard thing especially in the teenagers period, you don’t know how you shall act in the start, and when you become older you think too much about the way you act. The thing growing up is an important part of the short story “Red from Green”. The narrator in this story is a third person narrator, and the narrators focus is on the protagonist in the short story Sam. The narrator’s role is to observe. Since it’s an observing narrator it’s hard to get the whole picture of the relationship between Sam and her father. Sam is a 15 years old teenager from Montana, she shall start her sophomore year. Sam’s mother died when she was younger, this has affected her relationship to her father. Sam is most described…show more content…
But the relationship is still a bit complicated, because they didn’t spoke to each other. After the episode when Layton tried to have sex with Sam, her father and hers relationship become worse, because Sam think her father should have protected her. The short story “Red From Green” made by Maile Meloy takes place in the summertime in July, on a river, in the state Montana, this is the same place they take to every year. Near the river is their some mountains and it’s here Sam and Layton is shooting. They are sleeping in tents and sleeping bags in the nature. In this short story there are some symbols. The title on the short story could be a symbol of the evolution Sam had in the short story, when she goes from a teenager to a real woman. This is like then the apple ripens, here it also starts as green and here is the apple unripe, and then it’s ripe it become red. Another symbol in the short story is the last float trip with her father. This symbolize that her childhood is near the end, and she soon is a woman. Sam’s teeth is also a symbol, the teeth symbolize that everything is perfect on the outside, but inside she is in despair, example when she shall chooses, to go to the boarding school or not. The main theme in this story is growing up, this

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