Redefining Marriage in Our Country

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As long as humans have lived, they have paired up in order to reproduce. It has been the way of life even before government or religion. Should the natural order of a species be changed? That is the question circulating the United States. Gay marriage will have an effect on the country, and the people need to decide whether it will be a positive or negative outcome. “When you talk about redefining marriage, you're really talking about an overthrow of this natural order or natural law, because marriage is something that predates government. So this is a big deal, a once-in-a-lifetime debate about whether to overturn the natural order upon which our rights are based” (Masci 1). The societal risks of legalizing gay marriage far outweigh the benefits. When a law is created, there are benefits and risks. The benefits of legalizing gay marriage are obvious. The risks are not as apparent to the naked eye. Allowing homosexual couples to marry would make their lives easier. They could receive the privileges married couples have, such as hospital visitation rights and making adopting a child easier. However, couples do not have to be married in order to obtain these rights. Julie Goodridge, who has been together with her partner for 16 years, has said her and her partner receive the aforementioned…

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