Redefining Social Media Marketing And Search Engine Optimization Essay

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Redefining Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Boost Sales and Traffic
There was once a time when social media and marketing did not overlap. As a matter of fact, they belonged to different world and none of them affected the other. But as time has passed, people have unearthed the massive power of social media in influencing the SEO of a website or blog. Social media is a massively powerful tool that can determine the fate of a company. The correct use of social media marketing and SEO can pump up traffic and sales like never seen before.
What is Shareyt?
Shareyt is one of the most well known crowdsourcing companies of the day that helps you improve your social media presence. Facebook likes, Twitter shares and YouTube upvotes, you get everything with Shareyt. This company provides a golden opportunity to all business owners, big and small, to make their presence known to the world. Shareyt also gives unparalleled opportunity to social media users and SEO firms to promote their services and content free without any added expenditure.
If you think that is all Shareyt can do, then it is time to expand the horizons of your imagination. Here are a few steady services and packages Shareyt has been providing its patrons for quite some time-
 Affordable packages for Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing and Twitter marketing
 Separate packages for Google Plus marketing, Social bookmarking and sharing
 Guaranteed number of likes, shares, followers…

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