Redemption And The Karmic Cycle

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“Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” Every living being on this planet has flaws, has made errors and has committed sins. It is just to say that life has no favourites, and metes out punishment to anybody who commits mistakes. People eventually pay for their acts of sin. So, why is it that some people are able to make peace with their past mistakes and graciously welcome the life they have in front of them? The answer to this is redemption. Redemption is the second chance life gives us, to atone for our sins, mend our faults and change our story. It is up to every individual how he or she wants to perceive this rare opportunity given by life. This resonates with the philosophy of the karmic cycle.
According to renowned mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik, Hindu mythology sees destinations as merely an individual’s choice. For a person who believes there is life after death, death is merely an artificial milestone. What is natural, however is action. Every action has a reaction, consequences of which are both short-lived and long term. Karma is both the action and the reaction, the cause and the consequence, the stimulus and the
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