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The literal definition of the word “redemption” is the act, process, or an instance of redeeming (forgiven). When I as a human being think of redemption I think of it as a way to accept, forgive and move on after an instance of extreme, usually emotional, infliction. When we think of this in terms of prison, humans are put into isolation where they are given ample time to logically think of these trespasses and how they are paying for it with their lives. At the same time these people are doing very manual labor while getting ‘paid’ very little in order to redeem themselves to hopefully regain some rank again in society. In life where most of us live outside walls redemption comes in many different forms, although not all as painful. …show more content…
When I myself am witness to acts of injustice my first reaction is usually anger, frustration which is then followed by a very vocal complaint. The same reactions come about when I myself am put under circumstances of injustice and I can only hope, but am not certain, that this is something regularly occurs with humans in general. I would have to say that some of the factors that contribute to the ways that I respond to injustice would be feelings that had occurred as a child when put into unjust situations as well as knowledge that I was given while growing up in both educational institutions as well as living in general. While I watched the movie Shawshank Redemption I witness an idea developed mainly by Stephen King that basically gave me hope by helping me see that due to what I call karma, the people that are exaggerating unjust behavior will eventually get what is coming to them. This is displayed well by the showing of all the ignorant behavior put on by the warden and what happened to him in the end. In our society taking away a persons freedom is considered justice because at this point these people do not have a choice. The choices that they have made so far have only gotten them into trouble, now they have given that up and are subjected to be treated basically like a slave. Solitary confinement is considered the most severe punishment that we can inflict in our justice system as

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