Redemption Review. “I Found That The Negroes Who Had Been

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Redemption Review “I found that the negroes who had been declared free by the United States were not free, in fact that they were living under a code that made them worse than slaves; and I found that it was necessary, as commanding officer, to protect them, and I did” (pg. 55). Those are the words of Governor Adelbert Ames, a former general of the Union army, turned senator and later becoming the governor of Mississippi. Ames was advocate in ensuring that negroes receive the rights that they were promised. Nicholas Lemann uncovered some of the forgotten truths of racism in this novel, starting with displaying the importance that Ames played in the deep south during the post war and reconstruction period. Adelbert Ames married Blanche…show more content…
Ames saw it as a tactical move maneuver to keep elite power, rather than a genuine change of mind. Negro voter gave Ames his victory over Alcorn, by a margin of thirty thousand voters. In Vicksburg, Mississippi, on July 4th, a celebration for Negro Republicans, when a group of whites with guns turned up and began shooting. Peter Crosby, a thirty-year-old black veteran and the county sheriff of Vicksburg, held the most important position in local government warned Ames of the counties unstable conditions. According to the author, these were Crosby’s words, “There is a great excitement among the colored people and seems to be a settled determination among reckless, desperate white men to repeat ‘Meridian’” (pg. 71). The whites began an up rise against the negroes of Vicksburg county. After getting word of the unfortunate events that had occurred, Ames returned to Jackson, Mississippi, where he was met by refugees from Vicksburg. He immediately sent Grant a telegram requesting federal troops. There were several out breaks of White Liners attacking’s in Mississippi, an account recorded from a Silver Creek, Mississippi, reported to President Grant, “Thae tak up the Corlded Peapel and Haung them…We are Prass so We can’t stand it. If the law woant pertect ous we don’t what to do” (pg 77). White Line organizations was to reestablish the Democratic Party and their means was violent disruption to organize politics

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