Redemption in Alice Walker's Color Purple Essay

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Redemption in The Color Purple

Alice Walker grew up in rural Georgia in the mid 1900s as the daughter of two poor sharecroppers. Throughout her life, she has been forced to face and overcome arduous lessons of life. Once she managed to transfer the struggles of her life into a book, she instantaneously became a world-renowned author and Pulitzer Prize winner. The Color Purple is a riveting novel about the struggle between redemption and revenge according to Dinitia Smith. The novel takes place rural Georgia, starting in the early 1900s over a period of 30 years. Albert, also known as Mr._____, and his son Harpo must prevail over their evil acts towards other people, especially women. Albert and Harpo wrong many people …show more content…

When Albert recognizes his need to change, he has reached his first step towards redemption.

Harpo’s redemption comes about much more quickly than Albert’s does. Perhaps this is because Harpo is not as stubborn or awful as his father, or perhaps because there was always love between him and his wife, Sofia; however, he still does great wrongs towards Sofia and women and general. He has been taught that a man should be above all women in every aspect. Harpo eventually learns that he cannot control Sofia, he tries to beat her at first; but she ends up hurting him badly. Harpo’s first step towards redemption is concluding that he and Sofia truly love each other, and that he needs to treat her well if he wants to keep her (Walker 38). Even after understanding this, he does not truly learn how much Sofia means to him until she is taken from him (Walker 89).

Albert was able to overcome the stereotype set upon him, and all he grew up learning to become a person. He had to evaluate how he treated people in his life, and take action to correct his mistakes. Albert discovers reflection that makes him a defined person, despite his reflective manner at the end of the novel; he remains in the area of possibility (Davis 405). While Albert reflects on his faults, he learns that “…morality is not an external dictate. It doesn’t matter if you love the wrong people, …or whether you have money, or go to church, …what

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