Redesign Bath Magic Inc.

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Typography For my typography project, I chose to redesign Bath Magic Inc.’s webpage. I found this poorly designed webpage by simply searching the Internet for “ugly websites”. It was at the top of a list of “Top 10 Worst Websites You’ll Wish You Hadn’t Seen”. I figured that I couldn’t make it look any worse. What I first noticed about this unfortunate website is the overload of information that overwhelms the page, as well as its viewers. The information the site is attempting to convey is also repeated numerous times. There is so much going on and being offered, that I, the viewer, am not sure what Bath Magic Inc. is. Do they fix bathrooms, sell certain products, or all the above? The website’s information is not organized in a way that’s usable and logical to the everyday site visitor. In order to clearly convey what services their company has to offer, I sought to establish good visual hierarchy in my redesign with the size, alignment, contrast, and density. In design, size is one important way to draw the audience’s attention. The bigger the object or font, the more attention it demands. In order to highlight the most important and influential parts of the website, one should make them bigger so the viewers will immediately be drawn to it. In Bath Magic Inc.’s original website design, the largest elements are their slogan and some very unattractive images. The slogan, in big white letters, takes away the importance of the company’s brand. Bath Magic Inc.’s

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