Redesign The Rn Health Coach Position

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In this presentation we are going to redesign the RN Health Coach position that was discussed in the attached paper. The health coach performs many functions such as manual chart reviews, auditing emergency room (ER) visits and hospital discharges for transitions of care, health coaching individuals with chronic diseases to help them effectively manage their illness, and identifying gaps in care that need to be closed. Today we will explore an avenue to reconstruct this position and potential changes to the reward system that is in place to increase productivity and job satisfaction.

The health coach performs multiple activities that currently require the coach to manual pull data from the electronic medical record, EHR. With this redesigned approach the health coach would no longer complete chart reviews as the EHR that is currently used throughout the clinics have a patient manager section that includes all of the information that is being manual extracted for the chart reviews. Also, instead of the health coach manually pulling data, such as who has been in the ER five or more times in the past year, set up a report that will run automatically on a monthly basis for the coach to review. Finally, the health coach is currently pulling the data on hospital discharges manually on a daily basis. In this process the health coach opens all of the charts of the patients that were discharged the prior day to determine who the patients primary care provider (PCP) is and

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