Redesign and Rebuilding of the Repulsine Engine

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Page |1 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Since the beginning of the industrial age, the scientific enquiry has largely been limited to a materialistic understanding of natural and technological processes. At one stage, science comprised the spiritual sciences of Alchemy and Metaphysics. With the taking of the industrial path, the spiritual enquiry was neglected by the mainstream scientific establishment. Technology has become increasingly complex without questioning its basic foundations and long term effects, and has moved further and further away from the simple basic workings of nature. Environmental, pollution, exploitation and dereliction have intensified with the increase in sophistication of technology. 1.1 EXPLOSION Today’s…show more content…
From Implosion Magazine, No. 36, written in Vienna, 1944. The Repulsine is a germinal-matter generator with which humanity can once more be returned to Paradise and hence all wearers of mitre-boards, gowns, cassocks and cowls will have been expelled by fire and sword. Fig 1.3 - Schematic Diagram of Repulsine Engine 1.4 WORKING OF REPULSINE ENGINE The working of Repulsine engine can be explained by the combination of the Water Jet Pump and De-Laval Nozzle techniques in Molecular Level. 1.4.1 WATER JET PUMP In the fig 1.4.1, the mainstream Flow A exists within a pipe. Aside of the pipe a side-stream B exists, where additional air flows into pipe. At first, molecules of influx B just ´stand´ locally and represent no stronger resistance than main-stream is affected by friction on inner faces of pipe. Particles of that ´resting´ air at B are trembling, based at normal molecular movements, thus are flying into all directions from one collision to next. Just by pure chance, any particle will be pushed into direction of main-stream. That particle moves ahead within main-stream, and will not come back to influx-area. Page |5 At its original location, that particle no longer is available as collision-partner, so is leaving some empty area there, into which following particles will fall. As many particles behave likely, flow C comes up within side-influx. That pipe downside at D

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