Redfern Riot Shouldn't Be Prosecuted

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Editorial: Redfern riot shouldn’t be prosecuted THE POLICE criticism toward residents of a small inner-city Sydney suburb of Waterloo must signal the end of society and media depictions that has created an inability to deem the residents’ constant claim of police harassment and violence. It is time we should accept the grim fact that many existing attitudes towards the most disadvantaged people, Indigenous Australians, are part of this mayhem-like problem. The public intensely curved its attention toward what happened in NSW on February 15. A 17-year-old Indigenous boy, Thomas Hickey – the most common being “TJ” – died in hospital, a day after injuring himself whilst chased by the police. This was enough to trigger the community to…show more content…
They, indeed, got arrested. The court prevented them from attending the funeral on February 24. It is essentially – if all allegations are correct – no necessity of prosecution toward this people, as we all know; they were taking decisive action on the prospect of protracted conflict. One must realize, whether or not the allegations are true, and so yet there is no evidence they are not, there is no excuse that Indigenous had points of defence. A point of being neglect: Why do they have to feel neglected in their motherland? And a point of suffering: Why should they suffer in Australia – a birthplace of their ancestors? Until these questions are precisely challenged, Australian should still believe the grim fact that many existing attitude toward most disadvantaged people are the main roots of the problem. A fact that if you asked any non-indigenous Australian about the worth of Indigenous, they will tell straight to your face: they do not have knowledge, they have no contribution to this land; for example in an army – they do not defend Australia. Some of these manipulations might be true, but, lets me take you back to history when first European boat arrived at the west coast of Australia; Aborigines stop them from getting on to the land. But, their human nature of feeling the pain of what will happen later in decades – even millennia – didn’t depart, they refuse to let them in. So,

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