Redondo Beach Vegetarianism

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More and more people in Redondo Beach are choosing the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. They believe that eating or imprisoning other living creatures for our own needs is wrong. While schools do have options for vegetarians, there are not many options for vegans. This needs to change, because not being able to buy lunch might make it harder for them or their family, as they constantly need to pack. Parras mostly serves meat, cheese, and milk type products. If you are vegan, you cannot have any of these things. You will almost always have to pack your lunch, which might make it harder for you to make it to school on time. Packed lunches are a good way to make sure you know what you are eating, but sometimes you just don't have the time. If…show more content…
Some people might just not eat lunch, or eat less than they should, and that will cause malnutrition. They won't be ingesting the proper amount of food, which could affect many things, including their learning. It could affect them being focused, or lower their energy. This might even end up with them having lower grades. There is a new project in Redondo Beach. It is called the Blue Zones Project. They promote healthy meals, and because of this many people are changing their diets. This includes becoming vegetarian or vegan. This means that less people will buy, or more people could not obtain the nutrients they need. As there are more people, there might be more kids who´s grades drop, or become unfocused. The Blue Zones Project inspires healthy diets, and the school should too. So, our school needs to have more vegan options. There are more and more people who become vegan or vegetarian, and our school will not let them buy lunch. This doesn't make sense to me. There are many ways we could change this, such as adding something like a Meatless Monday, or just giving us more choices. Please consider this, and help the vegan community to be able to buy
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