Redrone Feasibility Study

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Robots are re-programmable machine that can be programmed to do a specific or many tasks. Robots are mainly used to perform tasks that humans dislike or cannot perform safely. Therefore, a robot is a robot as it is capable of movement, is reprogrammable, and can be programmed in order to complete a task/tasks. The assignment was to develop and program a robot prototype which would assist an audience/community. Thus, by assisting the needy communities the Redrone would be improving the quality of life along with creating social, political, and/or economic conclusions. One specific Robot, the Redrone, was constructed to monitor and aid bison, the nation’s national mammal. The Redrone will aid the bison by monitoring them to make sure they do not wander off to an area where they may be killed or injured and also to warn if they are hurt. The Redrone was built with propellers to give it the ability to fly. By flying/hovering, it can easily monitor the bison without getting caught on grasses, trees, and bushes. There is a camera attached to…show more content…
With the Redrone the bison population will continue to grow and improve. Therefore, humans can receive more goods from the bison without diminishing the population to a large extent thus, improving the economy. Furthermore, bison have mass migrated outside of Yellowstone National Park which has upset local and state governments. The Redrone will help control these mass migrations by leading the bison back into National Parks consequently solving political issues and conclusions. Ultimately, by assisting the bison the Redrone creates political and economic implications and solutions. Providing a service, improving the life of bison, the grasslands, and humans along with creating political and economic conclusions are tasks that the Redrone can complete. Robots are used to complete tasks that are impossible, dull, or dangerous for humans to do such as, aiding and monitoring
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