Reduce Global Nitrogen Pollution

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a) Reduce global nitrogen pollution by forcing people to become vegetarian: It is a reasonable option for only focus on nitrogen pollution solutions. Since the huge amount of consumption of agriculture turning into domestic animal production, then to animal manure will disappear when people stop to require animal meat (According to the ‘Anthropogenic Nitrogen Flow chart). Although the largest nitrogen consumption occurs in plant production, but the overall performance is largely determined by the society in the human diet (Marina and Lara. 1997). Hence, this seems to be a feasible thought, however, it cannot be put into effect due to social reasons. People have formed the fixed eating habits, it will be impossible to let meat activists abandon that habit. Furthermore, it might also harm the environment in the other way, such as more greenhouse gas emissions per calorie (Michelle S. et al. 2015). For the economic benefits of vegetarian, a vegetarian diet could offer substantial savings on the cost of food. One research shows that the vegetarians are able to save around three thousand dollars per year. Meanwhile, the elimination of pork and beef from the diet could reduce the medical expenses. The New York Times said, “The medical costs of meat consumption may be similar to the tens of billions of dollars it costs per year to care for smokers.” (Gary Null, 2011) Therefore, this proposal goes to the last of the rank. b) Invest in upgrading the urban water infrastructure in
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