Reduce Pain

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Strategies to reduce the pain
A large number of researchers have observed that factors such as emotions, thoughts, and expectations can have an impact on our perceptions of pain. If you think something will hurt, then it may hurt more than expected. Moreover, the pain will get worse when you feel upset or scared. To explain this reason, researchers Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall proposed a theory which is called Control Gate Control in the 1960s. This theory recommends that spinal cord contains a neurological “gate” which can either allow or block pain signals to connect to the brain. According to Melzack and Wall, This “gate” control theory is usually to use to explain the phantom or chronic pain. For example, we often tend to rub
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Biofeedback therapy can help you recognize the signs when you have an increase in tension in your back, neck, shoulders, or head. This tension can increase secretly and when it reaches a certain level, it can be the reason why you pain. By applying biofeedback, early detection of signs that the body's parts respond to stress and that you can take steps to relax your muscles before experiencing pain. Relaxation will also be taught by your therapist, so you can see how much control you have overstressed. In my case, biofeedback was supportive. After applying this theory about two months, I feel a lot better than before.
I was a manicurist in the past, but right now I quit my job because my health is getting weaker and weaker. I often sit in a vulnerable position; indeed, my neck, shoulder, or back got hurt at the end of the day. And acupuncture was my choice to reduce the pain. Previously, acupuncture was only used in traditional Chinese medicine, but today acupuncture has been applied in many European countries. Acupuncture is a special needle that points to a particular point on the body for pain relief. According to Chinese, acupuncture will affect the blood vessels, circulatory system. Especially, acupuncture has the effect of reducing chronic pain. This is the top effect of acupuncture in helping patients relieve persistent pain, including back problems,
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