Reduce Tuition Fee

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Content: Introduction: 2 Methodology: 3 Results and discussion 3 Conclusion: 7 References: 8 Appendix: 9 Introduction: Universities have always been a really important part of the society in United Kingdom. As we all know that some famous universities here are among the best universities around the world. For example, Cambridge University, The University of Oxford, The University of Warwick and so on. However, following the university funding crisis, every university has to build the road for gaining money by themselves; tuition fee is the most vulnerable target. Based on this reality, more and more poor students cannot enter to universities normally, because of the tuition fee is too expensive. At the…show more content…
After some first-phase preparations, it was decided not to limit the interview to any specific age group, occupation and gender, because it was considered important to get a varied group of people. It was believed that a diverse group would be more interesting considering that varied people would have diverse opinions about university education and it would representative a more general opinion. The research was conducted in Sheffield the Moor but also in some students’ accommodation and library, and a sample of 40 people was interviewed, among which 23 female and 17 male. During the survey, no significant difficulty was met although it seems that 40 respondents are not enough to represent the general opinion of the public. Furthermore, the survey might be incorrect, because of it was mainly conducted around the small scope. Results and discussion At first, it had to be defined how many of the interviewees are or have ever been at university, so as to discover whether or not they would actually feel concerned about our report. An expected 80% of them have actually experienced or are experiencing university. In fact, when asking about reduce the tuition fees for poorer students, an overwhelming majority of the respondents either strongly agree or agree with the fact that reduce tuition fees for poor students. (Figure 1) The answer to such a question might not seem surprising at all but is
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