Reduce Workplace Stress to Reduce Workplace Violence

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Reduce Workplace Stress to Reduce Workplace Violence The workplace can be a very stressful environment. Everyone has to be concerned with deadlines, with performance, with interpersonal communication. With each decision comes the potential for repercussions which could cost the company money, time, energy, and lead to the expansion or destruction of the company as a whole and the loss of employment of a single individual or of all those employed in the most dire of situations. In fact, according to Rebecca Maxon (1999), "three out of every four American workers describe their work as stressful." It is therefore no surprise that in a place with so much stress and where the stakes are so high, things can become tense and, if the wrong sets of conditions are met, violence can break out. Incidences of workplace violence are more prolific than ever before and the costs are greater with people being assaulted (simple assault is the most common act of workplace violence), harassed, battered, and even murdered. This may seem a dramatic escalation from traditional workplace stress, but it is a very real possibility. Researchers have endeavored to discover the best means of relieving workplace stress to prevent these dire events from happening and hopefully preventing more cases of workplace violence in the future. There are various proven techniques and strategies which have lessened the statistical likelihood of violence breaking out within a workplace setting. According to
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