Reducing Anapaganism During The Civil War

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The quote is trying to say did civil war help or make the united stated worse or better or did it just leave it the same but reducing antagonism. What else can they do to make it stop or just have everything back to normal. The civil war started on the Fort sumter , there has been a lot of tension because of the Fort sumter between the union and the confederacy for several months. The state wanted the union to return the Fort Sumter but they didn’t want to return they refused to give it up so the confederacy had no choice but to go to war with them to get the Fort Sumter back to them. Everything still stayed the same but when abraham lincoln took office in march 4 , He said you can not have conflict without being yourself the aggressors.

Reducing antaganism is one thing that everyone wanted to stop every problem that has happen to the civil war. Other countries are fighting slavery they want to stop it but other countries still want it to keep going.
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His speech did not catch anyone's attention during his lifetime , in many ways it was forgotten and lost popular memory until the u.s centennial in 1876. This battle was bloodiest and most decisive battles of the civil war , through he was not the featured orator that day , Lincoln’s 273-word address would be remembered as one of the most important speeches in American history. After previous battles , thousands of the union soldiers killed at gettysburg were quickly buried , many in poorly marked graves. In the months that followed, however , local attorney david wills spearheaded efforts to create a national cemetery at
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