Reducing Childhood Obesity Essay

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Lisa has been suffering with obesity since she was 12 now at 17 she weighs approximately 440 pounds. She was known as the freak of every school she attended. Due to depression, anxiety and agoraphobia (The fear of wide open spaces, crowds or uncontrolled social conditions.), caused by the rest of her classmates she was forced to drop out of school. Children like these are all across America. Food industries are provoking them to eat more with their tasty, one-dollar menus. One of the areas that need to be given more importance in the fight against obesity is physical education: from elementary throughout high school. Obesity is a disease that is common in America; it usually starts in the elementary age. Physical education not only helps…show more content…
Excess body fat will be stored in the fat cells, causing obesity. Obesity alone may not be life threatening, but research has proven that an obese person is more likely to develop a life threatening disease than a person of normal weight. Added to this, the indoor activities so common in our western society generally do not burn as much energy as outdoor activities resulting in more energy being retained as fat cells. (Kiess 112) According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, statistics show that 66% of Americans are obese. Obesity is differentiated from overweight in that the former is an abnormally high proportion of body fat and the latter “excess of body weight compared to set standards… [Which may] come from muscle, bone, fat or body water (Statistics related 1, 3). Obesity and overweight are a growing problem. “Over the last two decades, the rates for overweight children have doubled, so that today one-third of children in the United States are overweight.” This means that out of every 15 kids in an average elementary class, 5 will be diagnosed with overweight. Possible explanations for the increase in obese persons are: more fast-food availability and advertisement and more sedentary diversions. This is why the American Heart Association (AHS) in every state and at federal level requires that
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