Reducing Energy Consumption : A Serious Problem That Threatens Our Future

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Climate change is increasing; it is a serious problem that threatens our future. Scientists warn that it is changing our health, economy and communities, if we do not aggressively curb it now; the results will likely be disastrous (The Natural Resources Defence Council, 2015). Energy consumption contributes to climate change, so it must be reduced. For the purposes of this essay, I will explore three main areas where reducing energy consumption could contribute to solving the problem of climate change: meat and dairy consumption, work and food waste. Meat and dairy consumption is growing, which makes more greenhouse gas emissions, and also led to climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions from the livestock sector (approximately 14.5 per cent of the global total) are more than direct emissions from the entire transport sector (The Royal Institute of International Affairs, 2014). Meanwhile, growth in global meat and dairy produce means emissions will continue to grow (Ibid). Therefore, if we deal with this problem, climate change can be reduced. Thus, the shift from global demand from meat and dairy products to a vegetable-based diet is a major target to achieve climate goals in reducing energy consumption and emissions (Ibid). Nowadays, more and more people are eating unhealthily. Diets high in animal products are associated with an increased risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and several forms of cancer (Larson and Wolk, cited in The Royal Institute of

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