Reducing Equivocality

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Often times, workplace environments attempt to be as organized as possible in order to reduce equivocality in the information environment. Equivocality is the unpredictability that is in the information environment of an organization. This act of reducing equivocality was studied and presented most notably in Karl Weick’s Model for his theory of organizing. Furthermore, an example given in the textbook while dealing with an equivocal work environment would be given orders to “go see the boss.” This is an excellent example of equivocality as after receiving these orders as many people would arrive at the same logical conclusions that can result from this request. Reducing this Equivocality is important to the process of organizing in any business. This desire to reduce Equivocality is evident in the WKRP Episode entitled Hoodlum Rock as the Station attempts the reduce it as much as possible. In this episode of WKRP we find Mr. Carlson reaching out to a friend, who happens to be a booking agent, in order to gain more promotion for Station by means of a concert. Shortly after the introduction Andy Travis discovers that the booking agent can get in contact with the “Scum of the Earth!” This was great news for Travis as…show more content…
As it turns out, Hoodlum Rock consistant of many characteristics that employees of WKRP considers to be outrageous. This sort of equivocality was very unwelcomed as the band began to misbehave and act rude towards anything around them. In order to reduce equivocality, Andy and the rest of the staff decided that it was time to stand up for themselves and force the “Scum of the Earth” to play the sold out show for them because their jobs were on the line. This assertion ultimately worked and the band afforded the members of WKRP enough respect to do what they showed up to
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