Reducing Fall Incidence Of A Huddle Communication Process

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Reducing Fall Incidence in Harrington Hospital Incorporation Of A Huddle Communication Process Stephany Gyasi University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Nursing Stephany Gyasi, Graduate School of Nursing University of Massachusetts Medical School. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Stephany Gyasi, Graduate School of Nursing, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester MA 01655. E-mail: According to Harrington Memorial Hospital (2015), it is our responsibility to deliver the best healthcare to the inhabitants and populations of South Central Massachusetts and Northeastern Connecticut. We offer care based on the personal preferences of our patients in addition…show more content…
As a result of these occurrences, the students came together to create a proposal, which we have adopted as a quality innovative project, which will be implemented on our unit, and its repercussions evaluated to find out if it created a positive impact on our delivery of healthcare. Since the hospital aims at offering care based on the preference of its patients, it is very important to our patients that their safety is prioritized and ensured whiles they are on admission in the hospital and hence the implementation of this quality innovation project to help reduce falls in our unit. According to Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (2014), Root Cause Analysis is an error implementation tool which identified that fall cases occur as a result of the lack of a standardized process of communication between RN’S and PCA’s at the beginning of shift and hence no care planning for high fall risk patients. “Huddles are short briefings or communication, which are designed to give frontline staff, and bedside caregivers opportunities to stay informed, review events, make and share plans for ensuring a well coordinated patient care” (Goldenhar et al, 2013). Therefore our team designed a standardized huddle, which will occur at the beginning of shift between RNs and PCAs to help in the reduction of falls. The quality improvement project will be initiated through the implementation of a PDSA cycle

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