Reducing Human's Impact on Global Climate Change

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Discuss the possible options of reducing the impact of human activity on global climate change.
Both the cause and victim of climate change is human. There are a lot of current and potential threats, which are the consequences of climate change: the rising of sea level, loss of third of flora and fauna, droughts and famine. (McMullen, 2009) On the other side of the cycle, even climate change is considered as natural disaster, human activities encourage the deterioration of climate change. For example, burning fossil fuels produces billions tones of CO2, one of the greenhouse gases that contribute global warming. Global warming directly serves as an evidence of climate change. Climate change is not just about environmental issue; it is complex disaster which start of threats, causing serious political risks and security risk. Even climate change is not direct to cause a conflict, it has a potential risk to destabilize states, dispose population or even collapse the regimes. (Chalecki) As the human economic activities increase CO2 emission, it will at least bring to the regional environmental change. Environmental changes will change the agricultural output, which is the consequence of food shortage. Further, the famine is the motive to political disputes, ethnic tension and civil disputes. In subsequent years, this trend will continue to grow. In order to tackle with the problem of increasing of badly influence of human activities on changing of the climate there exist
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