Reducing Pertussis Children Under The Age Of One Years

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Reducing Pertussis in Children under the Age of One Years
Healthy People 2020
The group chose to focus on the pertussis immunization in infants. Infants are the most vulnerable when it comes to communicable diseases. Though many children under the age of one year stay home during the day, they can be considered at high risk just as those that attend other daycare and child care settings. This is because older siblings can carry home illness that can be contracted by the infant as easily as being in a daycare setting. Sanitation is necessary when working with younger infants and children in any setting. Wagner and Clodfelter (2014) mentioned that sanitation is missed in group settings (pg. 18). In Healthy People 2020 Objectives, the objective chosen is to reduce pertussis among children under the age of one year. The reason the group chose, this is because the health care system does not require immunization until the child turns two months of age followed by a booster at month four and six. To educate the general public about the possible outcome of pertussis along with ways to reduce the spread among children under one are interventions the group believed to be necessary.
The question left to understand is how to prevent the spread of pertussis to those under one year of age and to those unable to receive the vaccine. Prevention would require different methods to stop the spread of pertussis. Wagner and Clodfelter (2014) explained using simple techniques such as hand
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