Reducing Police Shootings: A Look at Albuquerque Police Department Shootings

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Are the police warranted in self-defense or are the police using excessive force and how does this ratio of shootings in Albuquerque compare to other cities in similar size and population? The fallout shows the sides of two groups of people who believe they are in the right. The activists against police involved shootings believe that the officers of Albuquerque react to situations with deadly force too often and necessitate changes. The supporters of the police force believe that the shootings are higher in Albuquerque because suspects in the area give police more reason to use deadly force, however, APD agreed to ratify its amended policies to satisfy the public. Albuquerque has the highest ratio of population to police involved…show more content…
When the shootings were questioned as “…civil rights violations…” the investigation known as the “DOJ Resolution” was put into motion (Mckay and Proctor A1). Supporters that are against the shootings voice their own ways of fixing this problem. One supporter suggests that APD should change their use of deadly ballistics and commit to the use of “bean bag” guns because they are less than lethal and that they have great stopping power. Another supporter thinks all APD officers should be trained in “CIT” (crisis intervention training), which would support a passive and non-deadly approach to de-escalating a problem before it gets out of hand (Heinz C2). I personally think these suggestions may be the best way to come to a mutual agreement between those against police shootings and the police department.
The Albuquerque police department explains that the recent increases of officer involved shootings are due to the increase of police assaults (Galvan A1). Police Chief Ray Schultz said another common factor that the recent shootings had in common is that “The propensity for the person involved to have some type of mental health history or issue” (qtd. in Tomlin par. 21). In no way do the Albuquerque police think that shooting people is the right thing to do, rather, sometimes necessary when you believe your own life and the lives of others are in danger.
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