Reducing Recidivism, Provide Treatment For Offenders, And Assist With Re Entry

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In the United States and around the world there is an epidemic involving drug addiction. Also, we are facing a growing problem revolving around prison overcrowding, due to inmates that have committed drug related crimes, or offences while under the influence. There’s a solution that would help society and lessen overcrowding, and that’s to help those that are committing crimes due to an addiction disorder. In this paper, I will explore option’s that will help the growing population, reduce recidivism, provide treatment for offenders, and assist with re-entry. Substance use disorder is characterized by: the use of a mood or behavior altering substance in a maladaptive pattern resulting in significant impairment or distress, such as…show more content…
According to Murray (2013), In 2011 the Bureau of Prison’s reported drug offenders constitute for 46.4 percent of the state prison population and 60 percent of the federal population. Many persons arrested were actively engaged in drug use around the time of their arrest. Current urinalysis surveys of persons arrested in twenty-two major cities in the U.S indicted that roughly over half of arrestees tested positive for at least one illicit drug. While 45 percent of state prisoners and 41 percent of federal prisoners say, they were under the influence of drugs when they committed their offence. Therefore, It is clear that drug related behavior takes up a significant part of the prison population. Along with overcrowding comes increased costs to house offenders. The costs of incarceration in the United States are high. Murray (2013) continued to state that, The Federal Bureau of Prisons calculated the average yearly cost to incarcerate an inmate at $31,286. The average cost for a state prisoner was $24,870 and the cost for those housed in local jails was $20,225. This varies depending on state and security level. Considering costs and the swelling inmate population. It has become imperative to find ways of keeping offenders from reverting to crime. Thereby reducing the amount money devoted to new jails. Intensive substance abuse treatment programs have become an important part
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