Reducing School Violence Essay

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There are numerous programs and studies aimed at reducing school violence, but how does a school district know what type of program would work best for their students? In the article, Reducing School Violence: School-Based Curricular Programs and School Climate (2008), Michael Greene, reviewed different approaches on reducing school violence to determine if one approach was better than another. One of the hardest components of researching the effectiveness of school violence prevention/reduction programs is the fact that all researchers view “violence” differently. In this study, Greene (2008) defines violence as the intentional behavior of one person to another where there is a threat, attempted harm, or actual harm. Greene (2008)…show more content…
When comparing the different types of school-based curriculum programs no one program or framework seems better than another. Although, some research points to these programs having a higher impact in reducing violence and aggression with low-income students versus middle-income students (Wilson & Lipsey, 2007). So it is possible to think some programs could work better for certain communities than others. While researchers feel the school-based curriculum programs can reduce school violence there is a need for further research. Many researchers question the long-term effects of school-based curriculum programs, are the positive outcomes sustainable over long periods of time? Another drawback to these programs is the fact they are only geared toward the students. Many times researchers feel the whole school district needs attention, not just the students. Another type of school violence prevention/ reduction program is school climate change programs. Many researchers feel an important component in school violence is assessing the cultural norms of the school district or the “school climate”. Some researchers believe that the interpersonal relationships within the school system should be analyzed to see if the climate promotes aggression, and if so if the climate can be modified. For example, the relationships between students and
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