Reducing Standby Power and Energy Demand Essay

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Reducing Standby Power Introduction Reducing standby power is something that can help reduce energy demand. Human beings can easily help reduce standby power by doing very simple things. If the energy demand is lowered then it is better for the economy, and environment. The economy benefits because with the decrease of energy demand, then less money needs to be spent on building new power plants to produce more energy. The environment benefits because with less power plants, there is less emissions in the atmosphere with lessens the threat of global climate change. What is Standby Power? Standby power is electricity that is being used by appliances or other devices while they are not being used. This is because the power is being…show more content…
The last standby power type is sleep. Sleep happens after a long period of inactivity. Examples of this type of power are PCs, monitors, printers, facsimiles and scanners. Climate Change When standby power is reduced it helps the environment because it makes it so that there is not as much demand for power, so governments can reduce the amount of power plants that are being built. This makes it so that there is less emissions in the air. There is a study that has been done that says that if a person leaves their television on standby mode it uses seven watts of power while no one is watching it. If there are ninety million homes that have at least one television that is on standby mode that is one hundred and thirty-three watts that are being used while the television is not. Turning a television completely off can help reduce the carbon footprint because it decreases the amount of energy we use daily. Another thing that standby power does to effect climate change is that reducing it is done by simple things that can be done in people’s own homes. Here are three simple things that people can do to reduce standby power: using a power strip, unplugging products, and using ENERGY STAR products. Using a power strip is helpful because multiple devices can be plugged in at once, and when all the items are not in use turning off the power strip stops standby power because everything is turned off by flipping a simple switch that can easily be switched back on.
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