Reducing Stress By Being Organized

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The purpose of a filing system is to reduce stress by being organized. Handling stress is not good for our being, so a good filing system is required. Life can become complicated when we let decisions and actions stack up without taking the time to thoughtfully process as to their short and long term effects on our life. Opportunities come at us like raindrops in a thunderstorm, pelting our brains until we go into brain overload. Our thinking becomes fuzzy, muddled, and confused; therefore, a good filing system is essential. Like most people, we have our filing system to deal with our thoughts. Does your study desk reflect your thinking system? Are there papers stacked all over your desk and you are the only person who sort of knows where everything is located (when you look for it)? Does it take ten minutes to find what should be found in 30 seconds? Let us look at the filing system and see how it affects our life. 1. “Yes” is a mandatory file for our thoughts. It is used in conjunction with the “No” file. This file allows thoughts to go into our memory and attitudes, emotions, and actions are the result. Use it with the utmost caution since it will definitely affect our very being. The file can bring about resolution, which is very healthy to our mental state, providing the thoughts are positive, biblical, and uplifting in nature or they will be disastrous if they are negative. This can sometimes lead to the rhetorical question, “How did I get myself into this mess?” 2.
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