Reducing The Amount Of Pollution Essay

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Air pollution is produced by different means, but one of the biggest producers of air pollution are factories, vehicles, and from burning things in general. Air pollution is caused by vehicle emission because while they are burning fossil fuels they are releasing a chemical called nitrogen dioxide, which has a possibility of causing harm to the human body. Factories cause air pollution by using exhaust vents is the working area in order to remove any chemical fumes from the workplace out into the atmosphere. Cancer is the second leading cause of death, but out of all the different types of cancers out their respiratory cancer and lung cancer is the deadliest of all the cancers out there today. This subject is important because the more the world gets industrialized the more pollution that would be produced due to all the factories that would be built in order to reach demands for their products. I have taken the approach of reducing the amount of pollution I contribute by walking to places if possible and by carpooling whenever it is possible in order to reduce the amount of pollution that is being thrown into the atmosphere. Here I will talk about the issue of air pollution causing cancer to people all over the world.
Air pollution Laís Fajersztajn conducted research in order to see if air pollution was a contributing factor to lung cancer in industrial and developing countries. The developing countries include Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, China, and South
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