Reducing The Cost Of Health Care

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“The United States spends a larger share of its gross domestic product (GPD) on health care than any other major industrialized country” (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2002). However, American’s health is not better than that of citizens of comparable countries. Health care in the U.S. is expensive for many reasons; newer technology, lack of standardized health plans, overuse of services, and highly paid medical professionals are a few. The identified concepts that would help reduce the cost of health care while improving population health. Changing the face of medicine in America from curative to preventative would reduce the cost of care in the long term. According to the CDC, the most expensive care is hospital care at 31% of the total health care expenditure. Therefore, creating better home health programs help to shorten hospital stays and reduce the risk of readmission for chronic illnesses or rehabilitation, which will lower overall cost of care. Continuing to promote coordinated care through evidence based medicine when treating and discharging patients from the hospital will reduce expensive hospital readmissions and lessen wasteful spending for double treatment or testing (The Commonwealth Fund). The U.S. Government has seen the need for change in order to reduce overall expenditure and provide health care to all citizens. Enaction of the ACA is an attempt to lift the burden of issues facing American healthcare. However, the ACA is not enough to fix the
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