Reducing The Homeless Population Of San Diego Essay

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Reducing the Homeless Population in San Diego County While the homeless population in the United States has declined over the past five years it is still much higher then it needs to be. Currently San Diego County has the fifth highest homeless population in the United States. The homeless population of San Diego County is mostly located in and around the downtown and beach areas of the county however it has started to spread into more areas of the county to include the San Diego River area of Santee. While there is a portion of the homeless population that choose to be homeless a large number of them are homeless due to falling on hard times. While it would be hard to get every homeless person off the streets there are something’s that can be done to help them. One way to solve this problem is to repurpose some of the currently vacant government building and unused county owned land throughout the county and convert them into homeless shelters. While this solution may reduce the homeless population we first need to look at who and why people are homeless in this country. Understanding What Homeless Is When we start talking about the homeless population there are some key terms that we need to understand. The first of those terms is sheltered homeless people. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (2014) defines sheltered homeless people as “individuals who are staying in emergency shelters, transitional housing programs or safe havens” (pg. 2). These would
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