Reducing The Wastage Of Food

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There are many factors contributing to the wastage of food. Food is lost or wasted throughout the supply chain, starting from agricultural production down to final food consumed by humans. In intermediate and high income countries food is to a significant extent wasted at the consumption stage, means that it is has been misreported even if it is still suitable for our consumption. Considerable losses also occur early in the food supply chains in the developed regions. In less-income regions food is lost mostly during the early and middle stages of the food supply chain; much less food is wasted at the consumer level. People today are throwing away 40 percent of food in their day-to-day life, which is equivalent of $165 billion in uneaten…show more content…
Fig. 1 shows the Total food waste divided into two major parts:

Fig. 1

Main reason for Food loss and wastage in each stage of the food supply value chain are:
 Production: During production or harvest in the form of grain left behind by poor harvesting equipment, discarded fish, and fruit not harvested or discarded because they fail to meet quality standards or are uneconomical to harvest.
 Handling: During handling and storage in the form of food degraded by pests, fungus, and disease.
 Processing and Packaging: During processing and packaging in the form of wasted milk, spoilt fish, and fruit that are unusable for processing. Processed food may be wasted because of improper order forecasting and inefficient processes.
 Distribution: During distribution and marketing in the form of edible food discarded because it is non-compliant with aesthetic quality standards or is not sold before “best before” and “use-by” dates.
 Food service: trimmings and other food preparation waste; poor inventory management (e.g. over-ordering); improper food handling; confusion over use-by and best-before dates; plate leftovers.
 Consumption: During consumption in the form of food purchased by consumers, restaurants, and caterers but not eaten. Food wastage in the Supply Chain at each module

The main role of Industrial and Systems Engineers in reducing Food Wastage:
 Mapping and Noting
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