Reducing Weather Related Accidents

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REDUCING AVIATION WEATHER-RELATED ACCIDENTS THROUGH ACCURATE & FASTER WEATHER INFORMATION DISTRIBUTION AND EASY PRESENTATIO R B S Narayana, AM-II ( MO Mumbai ) Keywords: Aviation, Weather, Cockpit Systems Abstract One of the important goal of providing met services to air navigation is l to reduce the fatal accident rate for aviation . it is important to develop technologies needed to meet this aggressive goal. Because weather has been identified as a causal factor in approximately 30% of all aviation accidents, a project for the development of technologies that will provide accurate, timely and intuitive information to pilots, dispatchers, and air traffic controllers to enable the detection and avoidance of atmospheric…show more content…
| |4 | Icing Hazard Solutions | |5 | Training | |6 | Weather Product Generation | |7 | Advanced Aviation Meteorology | |8 | Turbulence Hazard Solutions | |9 | Advanced Technology Vision and Tactical Sensors/Systems | |10 | Near Term Tactical Sensors/System | |11 | Strategic Wake Vortex Information | |12 | Hazard Characterization | |13 | Runway Contamination | Pilots need includes multi-functional colour cockpit displays of weather hazards; cockpit oriented weather products; flight information services and communications systems; quantification of hazards; and satellite-based, ground-based, and aircraft-mounted
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