Reducing Workers Compensation Claims

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Reducing Workers Compensation Claims According to an essay published online by CCH Incorporated, the first step in reducing workers’ compensation costs involves ensuring that your company has effective safety and accident prevention programs in place to reduce the amount and severity of workplace illnesses and injuries. In addition to those programs, there are policies and procedures that should be implemented to help supervisors and Human Resources professionals in handling workers’ compensation claims in the most expedient manner possible. Having an active safety program has a number of benefits. Some are obvious. Others are not. A safety program gives employees a sense that their employer cares about them. Issuing personal…show more content…
Ideally, the process would involve some form of transitional return-to-work program in which injured employees are encouraged to return to alternative or light duty work as soon as possible. Each of these steps reduces costs to the employer and helps get the injured employee back to work sooner rather than later. Regardless of how many employees a company has, the employer should provide regular and mandatory training seminars to both current and new managers about tools and techniques for promoting workplace safety, in addition to the critical procedures immediately following an injury. An untrained manager might not understand his or her responsibility to complete an accident report. He or she might forget to interview witnesses. The manager might forget to take photographs of the place where the accident occurred, or might not know what to include in the report, such as facts, and what to exclude from the accident report such as speculation about the cause or causes of the incident. Without in-house training, supervisors and managers will not know the proper procedures for the acceptance and filing of workers’ compensation claims, or the need to ensure that injured workers seek immediate medical treatment. A comprehensive safety training program would also focus on the prevention of managerial conduct that could later be construed as hostile to workers or unconcerned about workplace safety issues. Both of these common problems in the workplace
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