Reducing You Personal Usage

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Reducing your Personal Energy Use Reducing your Personal Energy Use Ever since the human settlements and their population place pressure on the environment through the increasing demand for water, energy and land, and also through the production of wastes that includes greenhouse gas emission. These impacts can also be regard as direct, through the use of water, energy, and land, or indirect, through the production and distribution of goods and services that household consumes. There is evidence that our way of living and the direction of the development in today’s society are not considered ecologically sustainable. This essay is about exploring how we can use creative thinking to find a sustainable solution to a problem that we are…show more content…
The minus side to reducing your personal energy use is the, loss of your luxuries eg; sitting in the warmth or cool air of your heater and the AC, can’t be a couch potato any longer, have to drive around towns smartly and efficiently to save planet, eating less meat because agriculture industries produces a lot of methane, hanging your clothes out to dry in the sun rather than simply using an dryer. Finally the interesting things are using renewable sources to produce energy at home, choosing the highest efficient home appliances competitions between the electric appliances industries to come up with the efficient appliances, recycling products, trying telecommunication for working purposes rather than going to work and wasting fuel energy. This was an example of how PMI can be a useful creative thinking tool for generating ideas. Likewise there is another creative thinking tool that could be used for generating ideas is problem reversal. Problem reversal technique is explained by Schaper and Volery (2011) as, “The action of viewing a problem from opposite angle by asking questions such as “what if we did
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