Reducing the Impact of Non-recycled Waste Products Essay example

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Waste For Life, a non-for profit organisation consisting of scientists, engineers, educators, architects, artists, designers and cooperatives aim to establish idea that develop poverty-reducing solutions to specific ecological problems. (Baillie & Waite, 2014) Waste For Life does not manage projects but effectively facilitates other groups, for example the carteneros in this case. “With this project, Waste For Life’s twin goals are to reduce the damaging environmental impact of non-recycled waste products and to promote self-sufficient and economic security for at-risk populations who depend on waste to survive.” (Insert reference of book) page 21
Students undertaking this engineering unit in stream 13 were placed into groups
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The climate in Buenos Aires remains relatively consistent all year round and has an average temperature of 18ºC. Rain also falls year round but predominates in the winter months with an average yearly rainfall of about 1,146 mm (, 2014)
90% of the 40,267,376 people living in Argentina are of European ancestry (Insert reference of book) page 16. This is due to the indigenous Indian population of Argentina were conquered by the Spanish who arrived on their shores during the 16th century. The vast amount of immigrants that came to Argentina came during the 186s to 1910 and of that, around 70% of them chose to reside in Greater Buenos Aires. Due to the majority of the population having a Spanish background, the dominant language spoken in Buenos Aires is Spanish. Other languages include English, Portuguese, Italian, French and German (, 2014)
Why waste matters
What is waste? Waste is what all humans on earth throw away into their garbage bins or onto the side of the road. Everything that humans use and consume eventually turns into waste and must go somewhere. This process of using the Earth’s natural resources and then throwing them away shortly after will not be sustainable and measures must be taken to help the environment.
There are massive implications with waste being neglected. When waste is sent to land fills some of it anaerobically rots and creates methane, which is 20 times more potent then carbon
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