Reducing the Nurse-to-Patient Ratio

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AtlantiCare Regional Medical Centre 1500 Healthy Lane Community, CA XXXX Phone (201)123-1234 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Your Name Your (hypothetical) position Your (hypothetical) telephone number Reducing nurse-to-patient ratios AtlantiCare Regional Medical Centre is proud to announce it has made a commitment to raise its current ratio of nurses to patients, exceeding the mandated requirements of the state. Currently, California requires a mandatory 1:5 nurse-to-patient ratio. This law was passed given the evidence that low nurse-to-patient ratios can significantly compromise the quality of patient care. AtlantiCare already meets state requirements, but it has raised its benchmark of care. For every additional patient added to a nurse's workload, a hospital's death rate has been shown to increase by 7 percent, meaning that if a nurse is responsible for four patients and then has her care load doubled, there is a 31 percent increase in the patient death rate for the hospital. The percent increase is even higher for critical need patients. As many as 98,000 patients die each year from medical errors and ensuring high nurse-to-patient ratios is an essential component of reducing that rate. Nationwide, nurses have complained of being 'burnt out' from chronic understaffing. We believe patients will benefit from our new commitment, and so will our current staff of exemplary nurses, who desire to give our patients the best and most comprehensive care possible. For further
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