Reduction In The Workplace: A Case Study

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In the medical field or especially, in the health care administration RIF is defined as Reduction in force. Reduction in force is separation from employment due to lack of funds, lack of work, redesign or elimination of a position or reorganization because employee itself is eliminated. Losing your job because of RIF or budget cuts can be extremely demoralizing. RIF may be necessary or appropriate when there is redundancy in roles, or excess capacity within a work group or across work groups. As it is the 10% RIF these might be very minor reduction in the organization which we can take an example of a case where I have to redesign my organization. For example, if I am an administrator of a female garment manufacturing company in which, most of the employees…show more content…
Here I use RIF, such that, first I ask to reduce the female employees after sorting them based on their work and recruit the male workers and also I inform earlier these females. So through this way I can get the much better male workers than my less-skilled female employees. RIF is necessary in organization for many reasons like for economy, sale of company and mergers, to prevent from over staffing, bankruptcy and relocations. The ultimate goal of the RIF is that to cut costs, increase production, increase efficiency and quality and also improve better services.

Focusing on the second question like laws so there are many laws for the RIF and also as an administrator should know all these things in a proper way . Talking about the first law, it is worker adjustment and retraining notification act( WARN act). WARN is a federal law requiring employees of more than 100employees to give written layoff notice at least 60 days before any plant closing or " Mass layoff". It is designed to provide protection to workers, their families and communities. For instance, as I mentioned above example that if we apply this law in that if I remove the female workers so I
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