Reduction in Force Policy: A Human Resource Management Strategy

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Since most of the budget is tied up within labor payments, this should be the first focus of restructuring in terms of budget. It is therefore important to find a way to better balance the budget so that vital equipment and infrastructure requirements can be met. The request for new computer equipment, for example, has been denied, and the department is obliged to work with second-hand and/or outdated equipment. This, in turn, affects the way in which the department is able to function, which is not effective or acceptable in the long run. Several positions have been identified for elimination in the new financial year. However, my policy for restructuring human resources budgets is to match the skills and enthusiasm for each job description with the potential elimination of the position. Hence, my policy will be to change the description and statuses of some positions to maintain employees who have shown themselves to be worthy of their positions while either negotiating with or eliminating the positions of those employees who have not. My reduction in force policy, in other words, will not only be to eliminate redundant management and supervision positions. Instead, it will be to closely evaluate all positions, eliminating those where employees have not shown either a willingness or…
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