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                                              Redwall      Redwall is a tale of a huge abbey which is named Redwall and within it live all sorts of animals, such as badgers, mice, squirrels, shrews, rabbits and hedgehogs. Redwall’s greatest hero is named Matthias. He is young mouse who seems normal, even average, in appearance, but through a series of adventures and tests he discovers that he has courage and greatness within. This book is recommended to all teenagers because of three main…show more content…
Cluny stepped out of the shadows with his sword in hand. Matthias’ heart stopped with the icy glare Cluny gave him. This lasted only a second before Matthias leaped forward with his bellowing war cry, “REDWALLLLL!”. Clearly this quotation shows how Good must always face Evil at some point even though the odds do not seem to be in your favor. Evil can be defeated through the strength and courage of Good.      One of the best parts of this book is that it has great descriptions of scenery and the abbey’s grand feasts. Between all the fighting and action it has a nice contrast with the details of the scenery. This quotation shows this, “Dawn arrived as if it were not aware of the previous night’s events. Bright rays of sun shown down through the trees. Steam rose as the morning dew evaporated.” This quotation gives such a neat image but lets you still image it your own way. This book has much more details that are great.      As the book moves through the plot and is approaching it’s climax you can only wonder if Good can prevail through unimaginable odds or if Evil will conquer.           “You, Abbot Mouse, you have until tomorrow evening           to give me your answer.” “I will not need until tomorrow, rat. How

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