Redwin Strategic Marketing Plan

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Strategic Marketing Plan

Table of Contents
Title Page 1
Introduction 3
Situation Analysis 4
Market Analysis 5
Customer Analysis 8
Competitor Analysis 15
Internal Analysis 22
S.W.O.T Analysis 28
Strategic Position 31
Vision and Mission 32
Marketing Mix Strategies 33
References 35


Redwin is a small Australian based company with a relatively broad product range of body and skincare brands. Redwin also seeks to expand their product range overseas and within other product categories. Their products are Australian made and owned, are relatively priced, environmentally friendly and are also created from natural ingredients. Their current products include a range of sorbolene lotions, body washes,
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Table 8
Australian Skin Care / Sun Care : Growth Categories 2007
Australian Skin Care / Sun Care Market Catergory Values
Category Sales Value Increase 2005-2006 Market Category Value ($m)
Facial Moisturiser n.c 85.7
Cleansing 3% 81.6
Current Redwin Products
Hand & Body Cream 10% 41.9
Creme -4.90% 5.8
Hand Cream -3% 4.5
Mens Skin Care 27% 15
Sun Care 9% 123
Fast Growing Products
Self Tanning 15% 24
(Data source: Retailworld Grocery Guide 2007)
The above data shows product growth categories for skincare. It is important to note that many of Redwin’s competitors do have products in Men’s skin care and in self tanning which are 2 of the fastest growing skin care categories in Australia.

Customer Analysis

Below is a simple application of our segmentation based on our chosen demographics. We used a multi

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