Redy-Made Identities from Mercedes Benz C Class

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Advertising why your product is better than other products in the market, is not enough to make consumers buy your product anymore. These days companies need to relate to their customers emotionally and logically. During Super Bowl I saw this Mercedes Benz C class commercial. It is called “Perfect Harmony.” The commercial was about how everything lines-up perfect ones in a spell. The commercial shows the scene, where all the planets line up in a straight line. Later on the scene background voice says that, “When that perfect time comes, makes sure you are in the correct spot and the right vehicle.” In this Mercedes commercial, Mercedes tries to emotional branding with their consumers, as well as they are attempting to sell ready-made identities. In the Mercedes Benz C250 commercial Mercedes is manipulating their consumers by selling them a ready-made identity. This is explained by Douglas Rushkoff, who said that, “Brands become more than just a mark of quality; they become an invitation to a longed-for lifestyle, a ready-made identity.” What Mr. Rushkoff is trying to say is that, brands are not just a product or a mark of quality anymore. Brands have become a ready-made identity, for instance, if an individual owns a Mercedes that individual considered as a successful and well doing in their life. The Mercedes C class commercial does not talk about the features of the car, or the technical aspects of the car. Based on that, Mercedes Benz is not a car brand
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