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Reebok is the oldest running shoe company, having been started by a cobbler in the UK in the 1890s. Capitalizing on American Paul Fireman’s foresight into the dance craze, aerobic craze, and later the rise of casual street basketball shoes, Reebok quickly became the number-one selling running shoe, easily beating and staying ahead of the then near-15-year-old Nike. In 1988, Reebok launched its first brand campaign, U.B.U. (ie, Reebok lets you be you). However, it went up against Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign. Whereas Nike successfully targeted the newly coined “athletic shoe market” and cornered the performance market, Reebok lost sales during this campaign. Reebok then began vacillating between messages to women,
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That same year, Reebok began its partnership with golfer Greg Norman, resulting in the creation of The Greg Norman Collection.
2002: “Rbk” launched (fused together sports, music, technology and entertainment). Global marketing campaign launched which featured select Reebok athletes paired with some of the music industry’s most successful hip-hop and rap artists. Reebok partnered with rap musician ‘Jay-Z’ (S.Carter Collection by Rbk) and ‘50 Cent’ (G Unit Collection by Rbk). By this, it came up with limited-edition collectibles and made Reebok famous when people associated it with rap-culture. This image was new, and people started viewing Reebok from a different perspective.
Jay Z 50 Cent commercial:
2005: Launched ‘Rbk Hockey’, and signed up with hockey player Sidney Crosby, for brand endorsement.
I Am What I Am campaign: Reebok launched its largest global integrated marketing and advertising campaign in nearly a decade. "I Am What I Am" is a multi-faceted campaign which links all of the brand 's marketing and advertising efforts under the "I Am What I Am" umbrella. The campaign encourages young people to

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