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Campbell's Biology, 9e (Reece et al.) Chapter 35 Plant Structure, Growth, and Development In previous chapters, students have been exposed to basic processes in life such as photosynthesis, respiration, and evolution. Chapter 35 provides key vocabulary on plant structure and development and introduces basic concepts and processes. This information is critical for understanding higher-order concepts introduced in subsequent chapters. Multiple-Choice Questions 1) One major advantage of using Arabidopsis thaliana as a model system for studies of plant form and function is its A) fast generation time. B) exceptionally large genome. C) large seeds. D) high tolerance to stress. E) high mutation rate. Answer: A Topic: Concept…show more content…
D) vascular tissue is found in roots but is absent from leaves. E) leaves have epidermal tissue but roots do not. Answer: C Topic: Concept 35.2 Skill: Application/Analysis 19) A student examining leaf cross sections under a microscope finds many loosely packed cells with relatively thin cell walls. The cells have numerous chloroplasts. What type of cells are they? A) parenchyma B) xylem C) endodermis D) collenchyma E) sclerenchyma Answer: A Topic: Concept 35.2 Skill: Application/Analysis 20) Compared to most animals, the growth of most plants is best described as A) perennial. B) weedy. C) indeterminate. D) derivative. E) primary. Answer: C Topic: Concept 35.2 Skill: Application/Analysis 21) A vessel element would likely lose its protoplast in which section of a root? A) zone of cell division B) zone of elongation C) zone of maturation D) root cap E) apical meristem Answer: C Topic: Concept 35.2 Skill: Knowledge/Comprehension 22) Gas exchange, which is necessary for photosynthesis, can occur most easily in which leaf tissue? A) epidermis B) palisade mesophyll C) spongy mesophyll D) vascular tissue E) bundle sheath Answer: C Topic: Concept 35.2 Skill: Knowledge/Comprehension 23) Which of the following best describes advantages conferred by compound leaves versus simple leaves? A) There's a greater chance of capturing photons in intermittently shady areas. B) There is less

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