Reed Super Market

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Reed Super Market No. Topics Covered Y/N 1 Market based asset Y 2 Marketing Intelligence Y 3 Buying Behaviour Y 4 Segmentation Y 5 Positioning Y 6 Product segment Y 7 Marketing Communication Y 8 Price Y 9 Distribution N 10 B2B N 1. Reed’s mission statement: 2. Reeds Value Proposition: 3. Aim / Goal: 1. Evaluate the position of Reed and recommend marketing mix. Reed’s Heritage Reed Supermarkets was established in 1939 by William H. Reed. • Opened his first grocery store in Kalamazoo, Michigan. • 25 operating stores in Michigan and Illinois by 1960 • Reed had purchased two medium-sized chains serving Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin by 1980 • The firm had grown to encompass 192 retail stores, two…show more content…
While these departments created value by offering one-stop shopping, during difficult economic times, such as the downturn of 2008–2011, consumers tended to opt for value over such convenience. (Target Market) o The food section like a typical supermarket o Much bigger, commonly occupying nearly 70,000 square feet of a 170,000 square foot store. o housed in large free-standing buildings in suburban areas o convenient one-stop shopping for multiple needs o prices below those of standard supermarkets. o longer travel times (supercenters might be 5–10 miles away) o their concept resonated with cost-conscious consumers (Target market) Warehouse Clubs Limited Selection Stores o dominated by Costco, Sam’s Club, and smaller BJ’s Wholesale Club. o more like airport hangars than supermarkets o items merchandised
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